White-glove IT support for everyday businesses

By “white glove”, we simply mean that we don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. We believe in the SMB space and provide amazing IT support at a fraction of the cost of internal staffing.



Average time saved

With up to 35% in several instances; enabling you to get more done (faster than ever) with the same team



With 100% same-day resolutions for 12 years, we make it our obligation to keep you satisfied


Customer retention

Because we keep them consistently satisfied, our Managed IT Services Green Bay clients stay with us and excitedly refer us to others

Your small business deserves tailored IT solutions to grow faster

Over the years, we have seen several small to mid-sized businesses barely get by with mediocre IT services. The reason has always been “we’re not at that level where we require professional help yet” or “we do not have a tangible budget for that yet”…

At Lightspeed, we took it upon ourselves to give growing businesses access to professional IT services that are custom-designed for their specific needs and goals… All at a price that makes sense to them.

From 25+ years of combined Managed IT Services Green Bay experience, we know that there’s only so much growth a business can experience with grossly generalized IT support. We’re turning the tables and giving small to mid-sized businesses an opportunity to blossom.

We make it our goal to build IT around your business goals…

To us, technology exists for your business, not the other way around. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that we can provide you with an IT environment that makes your day-to-day processes faster and infinitely more seamless. IT is about your goals, and we keep it that way.

Rather than try to force an expensive stack on you to make a quick buck, we provide you with IT solutions that fit your goals like a glove. Our customer support stays true to our name, “Lightspeed”. We take pride in offering the fastest IT helpdesk and resolution you have ever experienced!

From ridiculously-fast internet to crystal-clear business calls with VoIP, to 100% bulletproof cybersecurity, you can count on us to go above and beyond for your business. That’s what we mean by “white-glove service”, we tailor your IT experience to perfection.


Since we started in 2010, we’ve upheld these values…


A technology partner who does nothing more than handle support tickets is no partner at all. We help you thrive, using technology.


Something we would never do is try to get rich off you by complicating issues. That’s why we live by this rule, we tell all, in a way you would understand.


Our business grows alongside yours. So our commitment to helping you thrive… also makes logical business sense!

Team Work

You receive all the benefits of working with an external party, while still feeling like our Managed IT Services Green Bay team is part of your team. Because we are