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Expert Network Consulting

Trusted by small and large businesses, we guide you through modern network solutions that support, expand, and scale your business growth.


WiFi & Routers

Support your processes with speed and connectivity.


Create a comprehensive firewall to protect systems and processes.

System Consulting

Ensure you have the proper system that integrates flawlessly.

Cloud Solutions

We help you connect with powerful cloud-base solutions.


Solutions For Success


Create one, connected system that brings your team and processes into one integrated system.



Gain actionable insights in real time to help your team generate constant performance optimization.



We assist with network migration and system integration that minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.



We tailor solutions to your business

We help you future-proof your network

We provide unparalleled network visualization

We simplify configuration and implementation

We help you optimize your performance across all operating systems Call to Action: Book Appointment



We Specialize so You Can Focus on What Matters

Create a whole new way of running your business without the downtime or disruption. With 10 years of IT and consulting experience, we work alongside your business goals to help you find the right solution. With expertise in network consulting, VoIP, and security, we take the hassle out of optimization so you can grow strategically.




We allow all our customers to share their experience with our products and wellcome criticism to better the future experience of our clients.

Jason helped us solving an advanced networking issue involving Unifi equipment. When we entered the contract with Jason we were stuck with an unstable system setup for months and had no more ideas on where to look for the configuration error. Jason analysed the system via remote access and asked questions systematically. In the end his approach payed off and we now have a stable setup than can easily be replicated! If we should experience networking issues with Unifi again in the future, Jason will be our go to freelancer!

“I was pretty pleased with the level of professional support provided by Jason. He was very reliable, patient, knowledgeable and flexible despite the significant time difference we had. He is as well an analytical and creative consultant. He does not just object suggestions rather gives better approaches that can help realize the functionalities we intended to achieve. The best part is he makes sure you have a clear understanding of the changes he’s making in a straight forward manner and always enlightens you on future management of the infrastructure he sets up. I was really lucky to have found such a great technical person considering i was at the same time working on a demanding project. He pushed hard to complete the work even at times that i was not available, in a manner i wouldn’t have thought any freelancer would have put up with. He is, hands down, my best recommendation for your Network setup project.

Jason was awesome – handled the add on scope with efficiency and professionalism. Top tier hire worth every $. Hired on for a larger parent project – needed support expanding the scope of the original project and he efficiently supporting the expansion. It’s one thing to have a temporary hire do well for the scope of the project – but to have them support continuing expansion is another level of professionalism. Would recommend to anyone.