Monthly IT Services Plans and Pricing

$36 /User

40% Off Hourly Fees


Anti Virus
Anti Malware

Internet Filtering

Remote monitoring and Automated Updates

Ransomware Protection

$90 /User

Unlimited Support

Most Popular!


First Month $1

Unlimited Support
No Hourly Fees

All of Protect Plus the Below

No Onboarding Fees
Phishing Simulation Campaigns
User Security Awareness Training

$270 /User

Hardware Included


All of Protect and Managed Plus the Below

Hardware Included For Life
Equipment Refreshed Every 3 years
Disaster Recovery
Includes All Infrastructure & User Equipment

We try to keep our pricing simple, other technology companies hide their pricing because they are charging you too much, or charging each customer differently.

You can expect an average end user to consume a half hour of support per user per month. So if you have 20 employees, you can expect to spend 10 hours of support per month with us, or about $1800/month.

If you prefer to simply work on an hourly basis, we are happy to work with you. Our hourly rates are $180/hour unless you are on one of our monthly plans.

You can expect to pay the same amount regardless of being charged hourly, or consuming services under our Protect or Managed plans, but you will get the most value under our Complete plan which bundles Free Hardware for Life.


Frequently Asked

+ Do you require a contract?

No, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.  We have a simple agreement that outlines what is and is not covered and what model of billing you select.

+ Do you charge onboarding fees?

Our Managed and Complete plans do not have onboarding fees.  Any work completed is covered under our First Month for a $1 offer.

+ Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice so we can have enough time to get your services transferred to another provider.

+ Are all of your rates per user per month?

Yes, unless you are an hourly customer, we bill you a flat fee per user per month.

+ Can I simply be an hourly customer?

Yes, we will simply charge you $180/hr for same day support.  Call us anytime, we are on call waiting to help!