Experience next-level tech support with managed IT services Green Bay provides

Lightspeed Tech Systems offers strategic IT management and support to small businesses in Green Bay. Trust us to keep your company secure and connected.


Experience next-level tech support with managed IT services Green Bay provides

Lightspeed Tech Systems offers strategic IT management and support to small businesses in Green Bay. Trust us to keep your company secure and connected.

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Managed IT Services Green Bay​ companies can rely on

Looking for a long-term IT partner or just one-time assistance? Whatever your requirements are, our dedicated team of engineers will deliver friendly, fast, and proactive support.

Lightspeed Tech Systems is a Green Bay-based firm founded in 2010. We focus on small and mid-sized businesses that require IT assistance. Our cutting-edge Managed IT Services Green Bay solutions and customized approach guarantee that your IT needs are constantly met.

We offer you a long-term partnership

Because technology underpins practically every part of modern business, we understand how troubling it can be when it fails. Whether your current MSP is not up to the task or your technology stack is just not where it needs to be, our team can help you ensure and maintain stability.

Lightspeed Tech Systems will build strong and resilient IT infrastructure that can withstand and recover from cyberattacks, keep valuable data secure, and enable elegant working processes for your business to thrive. By hiring us as a single centralized source of support, you will ensure your system continues to provide business value for years.

That’s why having a first-class managed service provider (Green Bay area) as your partner is a wise business decision. Lightspeed Tech Systems can have your back and ensure your IT infrastructure is flexible enough to follow your company’s growth.

We are here to support your business

No other MSP in Green Bay can match Lightspeed Tech Systems’ experience and expertise when it comes to supporting your IT. Along with getting you on the right path with installation and architecture, our managed services also include operational maintenance and continual monitoring of your live system. That covers interface design, setup, and problem fixes.

Our experts will support your continued progress and innovation from both an IT and business perspective. For instance, you may want to create fresh, subscription-based business models that provide everything as a service or quickly adopt cutting-edge digital technology. Our team will do everything possible to make the transition fast and successful.

What we bring to the table

Working with us comes with numerous perks. Take a look at several immediate and long-term benefits you will experience if you decide to hire us as your MSP.

Top-notch solutions and customized support

Our team takes time to thoroughly analyze your company’s requirements and the setting in which it operates. That allows us to create precise, tailored solutions. As a result, we offer you improved system resiliency, security, and business continuity. 

25‒35% average time saved

We help you achieve better efficacy and faster systems by automating your software and processes. Our mission is to ensure your company has the edge it needs to outperform its rivals and surpass all expectations. 


Lightspeed Tech Systems is not just any MSP — we are here to prepare you for every scenario. We have the capacity to scale and extend your systems as needed and quickly adapt them to change with minimal disturbance.

Up to 30% cost-savings

We guarantee affordable prices and no unpleasant (and costly) surprises. Moreover, one of our goals is to lower your hardware expenses and find you the best deals through our partnerships. Operating in Green Bay for over a decade guarantees we have connections with the best local as well as global suppliers.

Experience and skills

We are fully capable of providing top-end technical assistance. Our team has extensive knowledge spanning multiple sectors, making sure that the service we offer is among the top tiers in the area. We also have access to cutting-edge digital technologies and are constantly working on updating our skills to meet the industry’s demands.

Cloud services and security

Access your files and applications from any device with the help of our cloud computing services. Our professionals offer infrastructure management, backup services, disaster recovery, and cloud migration. We can also proactively monitor your whole network. That way, your data will have every possible means of protection, ensuring consistent safety and compliance. 

Our services in Green Bay

We offer full-spectrum tech support and can become your go-to company for all things IT. Our managed IT services (Green Bay area) include:

IT management

Our engineers will provide practical solutions for businesses without an in-house IT staff to assist with structure and safeguard your IT environment. On the other hand, for companies that are currently utilizing well-structured IT infrastructure, our interdisciplinary IT professionals can deliver guidance on all important factors and technologies that are employed in your IT environment.


Also known as re-architect. Here, we move the application and modify its architecture by taking advantage of cloud-native features. This improves the performance, agility, and scalability of the application. With this, you get to experience the benefits of cloud migration while maintaining your existing subscriptions.


Also referred to as drop and shop. With this strategy, we switch to a different product entirely. Generally, we move on from a traditional license to a SaaS model.

Network services

The Lightspeed Tech Systems team can help you design, implement, manage, optimize, upgrade, or mitigate all aspects of your wireless or wired network infrastructure.

IT infrastructure and cloud services

A good IT infrastructure should grow alongside your company, combining outsourced solutions with internally hosted systems and integrating modern solutions with legacy systems. Consequently, it inevitably becomes more complex and is ultimately dispersed across a number of platforms that are each handled and maintained differently.

Lightspeed Tech Systems can offer you the assistance you require, whether you’re seeking a specific area of expertise or in need of internal personnel to handle every facet of your IT infrastructure. If you decide to hire us, we can help manage your cloud resources and IT infrastructure.

IT optimization

Lightspeed Tech Systems can be of assistance if you’re looking for a trustworthy partner to help you design, implement, manage, optimize, upgrade, or migrate your infrastructure software solutions. We can help you understand terms such as software-defined or hyper-converged infrastructure, virtualization, containers, latest-generation servers, and intelligent hybrid storage, as well as reach and implement the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

More from Lightspeed Tech Systems

Our goal is to become a reliable partner you can turn to when facing IT issues. For this reason, we are willing to go the extra mile and offer our assistance on any kind of tech-related problems, ranging from simple troubleshooting to creating an entire IT strategy for your company.


While your in-house IT team concentrates on high-level, strategic IT issues and planning, we can handle day-to-day IT support tasks such as troubleshooting, software updates, data backup, and so on.

Remote solutions

Lightspeed Tech Systems delivers reliable solutions for companies employing remote workers. Our team can help you streamline all IT services and make sure everything runs smoothly, regardless of the location.

IT strategy

Is your in-house IT team great at managing day-to-day tasks but requires assistance creating an overall IT strategy? With more than 25 years of combined experience in the field, we are more than capable of delivering a plan that will help your business grow.

Benefits of using our Managed IT Services Green Bay

Maintaining IT operations is time-consuming and highly intricate. As the top MSP in Green Bay, we know that small businesses might lack the internal resources or knowledge to meet the market demands. Moreover, sustaining 24/7 digital services is challenging, given the ongoing changes such companies must deal with.

In these situations, companies typically believe that their internal IT staff is their sole option for network management, but that’s not the case. As a managed service provider (Green Bay-based), Lightspeed Tech Systems leverages its scale for greater financial benefits while maintaining service speed and quality. Take a look at the benefits your small-sized company can experience when using our Managed IT Services Green Bay services.

We handle third parties for you

Since we manage negotiations with third-party companies, you won’t have to research suitable vendors yourself and engage in lengthy conversations. That will save you a lot of time and stress.

We oversee all of your IT systems

This is critical for small and mid-sized companies. We cover every aspect, including phone systems and servers, data protection, network security, and disaster recovery.

We work together to plan your future

You understand your industry, and we have years of experience working with small and mid-sized companies. By combining these two factors, we can make sure that your IT systems support your workforce, strategies, and future business growth.

Why you should choose us

Your company’s IT assistance should be a profit center rather than a point of cost. Lightspeed Tech Systems managed IT services (Green Bay) are created to be cost-effective while also lowering overhead prices by developing quicker, more effective procedures that let your company accomplish more while paying less. Every Managed IT Services Green Bay team member shares the same enthusiasm and passion for ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction. For this reason, we can proudly claim that we are the most dynamic and innovative MSP available in the area.